Goa of the East Coast & The tribal valley

Vizag formally known as Visakhapatnam is the largest metropolis city in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh and is located between the Eastern Ghats mountain range and the Bay of Bengal. Being a commercial hub and significant tourist spot of the state of Andhra Pradesh, the city is often known as The Jewel of the East Coast, The City of Destiny and the Goa of the East Coast. Near to Vishakhapatnam, there lies a beautiful Araku valley which is famous for its tribal communities and it is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Andhra Pradesh.
Two years back we planned a 2 day trip to this port city from Vijayawada which is approx 350 km.  We took a night bus from Vijayawada and reached Vizag early morning. Having the sea on one side and mountains on other, the city gives you an opportunity to visit variety of places for sightseeing like-beaches(such as Ramakrishna Mission Beach and Rushikonda Beach), parks (such as Kailasagiri and VUDA Park), museums (such as the Kursura Submarine Museum and Visakha Museum), and other areas of natural beauty (such as the Kambalakonda Wildlife Sanctuary, Araku Valley, and Borra Caves) .

We started our sightseeing tour with a refreshing morning walk on beautiful beach road which is a major Highway along the sea shore in Visakhapatnam and most of the tourist spot of the city are located on this road only. The road is very neat and clean, with stone benches all along the shore to relax and enjoy the beauty of vast ocean waves breaking on the shore and ebbing away. Shore is open everywhere, you can go and just sit on the rocks and enjoy the breathtaking view of the ocean or play with the majestic waves.


After enjoying the serene atmosphere of the morning on beach road we headed for Kailasagiri which is a park situated on top of a hill. From here you can get an excellent view of beaches, forests, and the city of Vishakhapatnam. Kailasagiri was awarded as “Best Tourist Spot” in 2003 by Government of Andhra Pradesh. On average, around three lakh Indian and foreign tourists visit this spot every year.Some of the major attraction of this park are Shiva Parvathi Statue, Shanku Chakra Naama, Floral Clock, Jungle Trails, Food Courts, 7 Wonders of Vizag, Shiva Temple, Titanic View Point, Shanti Ashram, ViewPoints, Art Gallery, Road Train, Gliding Base Point, Children Play Park, Conference Hall, Telescopic Point. It is also one of the favorite location among the filmmakers all over India. There are few shops of tribal welfare society from where you can buy beautifully crafted wooden and clay artifacts and accessories on a very reasonable price.


Memories bought from Vizag



After returning from Kailasagiri we spent some time in VUDA Park.It is another attractive picnic spot in Visakhapatnam operated By Visakhapatnam Urban Development Authority.(VUDA) located in close proximity of Ramakrishna Beach. It is an ideal place for all to spend evenings and leisure times on seashore with eye-catching and eco-rich surroundings. The Park is well equipped with a variety of children playpens, boating club, musical fountains, a multi Gym, Yoga Center, Kala Vedika, Pagodas and much more. MGM Dizzy World is another attraction in the park.

INS Kursura Submarine Museum:


It is a “must-visit destination” of Visakhapatnam. INS Kursura was the fifth submarine of Indian Navy and was decommissioned on September 27, 2001, after 31 years of service. It was gifted to Andhra Pradesh by the Navy and the Ministry of Defence and was thrown open to the public as a museum on the R.K. Beach on August 24, 2002.

Kursura is the same class of submarine, as depicted in the recent war film Ghazi Attack, based on the sinking of Pakistani Submarine PNS Ghazi off the Visakhapatnam coast on December 3, 1971.Kursura has the distinction of being one of the very few submarine museums to retain originality and visit to this submarine would definitely be a rewarding experience.

After this wonderful visit of the submarine, we spent our evening walking on beach road while enjoying various street food of the city. Next morning we started for Araku Valley, the most interesting part of our trip.

Araku Valley:

Araku Valley is a Hill station located 114 km from Vizag, close to the Odisha state border and is inhabited by different tribes. Lying on the Eastern Ghats, the valley attracts the tourists with its breathtaking landscapes and pleasant weather. You can book one day or two-day “Araku Rail cum road” tour package offered by AP tourism department. We had booked one day package which included the onward journey from Vizag to Araku by train, local sightseeing in Araku Valley and returns journey by bus with a visit to Borra caves on the way. As per the guidelines, we had assembled at Vizag railway station at 6:00 AM, there we met our tour guide, Mr. Sripad Vaidya, a very humble and jovial person who would accompany us throughout the tour. The train departs at around 7:00 AM from Vizag and it takes around 4 hours to reach Araku. After the train started from Vizag station, South Indian breakfast ( two idlis and one Vada ) packets with a bottle drinking water were given to us. This train journey is one of the main attraction to visit Araku where the train passes through numerous tunnels, bridges, and hills.There are total 52 tunnels on the way. Dark shade and presence of sodium lamp inside the tunnel do their magic on travelers. The ascent up to the hill is gradual, provides an opportunity to view many Waterfalls, Orchards, gardens and forests on the way.

After 4 hours of this majestic journey, we reached Araku at around 11:30 AM. Buses of AP tourism were waiting outside the station. Our first stop was a Tribal museum where the lifestyle and culture of the local tribes were displayed. After a brief stay there we left for Padmapuram botanical Garden, which provides a beautiful atmosphere with unique flower gardens and numerous hefty trees like eucalyptus, pine etc.There is a toy train to take you around the garden. One of the main attraction of this garden is hanging cottages on tree top available for booking. If you are a non-vegetarian, you can enjoy the delicious Bamboo chicken sold outside the garden by the local tribal people. It is Chicken Kabab but prepared by using bamboo sticks and cooking is done by keeping them inside Bamboo tree trunks. As my husband is very fond of trying different cuisines, especially non-veg items, he bought 1 Kg and ate it all even before reaching our next spot. I was wondering, how his stomach managed 🙂

Bamboo Chicken

Our next stop was at Punnami resort of AP tourism for lunch. The view outside the resort was very beautiful with lush green surroundings. After lunch, Dhimsa dance, a famous tribal dance form of Valley was organized at the resort garden by the tourism department. We also joined the tribal dancers, it was fun to match the simple and rhythmic movement with those tribal women.

Dhimsa Dance

Now it was the time for the return journey by bus. The road journey was no less than the train journey. The surrounding coffee plantation, deep valleys, serpentine roads, tribal people working in their fields were so beautiful that you just want to capture those pictures in your memories for a lifetime. On the way, we first stopped at Galikonda viewpoint, the highest point of Vishakapatnam district at an altitude of 4320 ft from sea level, which gives a spectacular view of a lush green valley, hills, a railway track passing below and tribal cottages.

After 1 hour of journey from here, we reached Borra Caves. Borra caves are one of the largest in the country, at an elevation of about 705 m (2,313 ft) and are considered the deepest caves in India.The stalactite and stalagmite formations at cave are
marvelous. You can spot a number of bats and the golden gecko in these caves. Mosses and brown-to-green algae are some of the popular floral seen inside these caves. This magnificent structure and breathtaking surrounding offer wonderful experience to tourists. As we were about to leave the place, rain started heavily making the place even more mystical.We waited for some time to rain to slow down and then headed towards our next destination Jungle bell complex, located in the lap of nature in the hills of Araku with Jungle surrounding from all sides. Inside the Jungle Bells complex, there are 8 resorts and a nice restaurant to relax and enjoy nature. We stopped at Haritha resort, one of the APTDC resort for tea and snacks. You can hear the chirping of thousands of birds as if some melodious bell is ringing inside the jungle hence the name is Jungle bell complex. If you have time you can also engage in adventurous activities like the spider web, tree top horizontal ladder etc.

After spending one hour we left for Visakhapatnam and at 8.45 PM we were at Railway station.If you have time constraint then this one-day rail cum road package is very good for visiting Araku.

If you have some more time you can visit few other places nearby Araku like Dumbriguda Chaparai which is a scenic waterfall and forest area and located just 15 km away from Araku. There are many more places to visit in Vishakhapatnam, for a complete plan you can use any good travel app like VisitIn which shows you the complete list of places to visit and suggests you the shortest route covering them all starting from your hotel or place of stay.

Some Travel tips to visit Vizag and Araku Valley:

  • Avoid summer-time visit (April – June) as it would be too hot and humid.
  • Tour package for Araku valley provided by AP tourism is value for money. You can go for it.(But Dumbriguda Chaparai waterfall is not included)
  • If you are planning to visit Araku, do not forget to take an umbrella.
  • If you are planning to do early check-in your hotel, talk to manager beforehand as we had to wait for more than an hour to get a room.

Rocking bike trip to Ooty, the queen of hills

Morning walk

It was Christmas holidays when I and my husband made a plan for a bike trip from Bengaluru to Ooty. Distance is approximately 330 km and it takes around 7-8 hours to reach Ooty from here via Mysore and Bandipur. The road from Bengaluru to Ooty is simply beautiful with great view of mountains and forests on both the sides.
We started very early in the morning from Bengaluru hoping to avoid the peak hours traffic. But contrary to our expectation the road was full of bikes and cars with people with their backpack and exciting faces. It was like the whole of Bengaluru was going for a trip. It was the perfect weekend for bengalureans as Friday was a holiday and that too it was Christmas. We could see the festive mood of the new year had already begun.
On the way from Bengaluru to Ooty, there are many beautiful towns where you can take small breaks and enjoy beautiful surroundings. At around 55 km from Bengaluru lies Ramnagaram, which invites you to have a mesmerizing view of rock formations around it and it is also known for its silk. Moving ahead the town of Channapatna is best known for wooden toys made in ivory, rose and sandalwood.You can see many shops selling those toys all over the roadside.It can be a good souvenir to take back with you. Further ahead 100 km from Bengaluru lies vast stretch of Paddy and sugarcane fields of Mandya, a town known for its jaggery production. You can enjoy here a typical savory Maddur vada with tea from roadside stalls. Mysore is only 50 km from here. After reaching Mysore there are two roads, one leads to Coorg, which is another beautiful hill station of south India and other one goes for Ooty and Coonoor.


Mysore to Ooty road brings you more enchanting experiences on the way. You are left awestruck with the beauty of towering Western Ghat Mountains of Nilgiri on the Mysore-Ooty highway.The road further takes you through one of the most beautiful national parks of India-Bandipur National Park or popularly known as Bandipur Tiger Reserve. You are not allowed to stop in between the road as fears of encountering wild animals crossing through highway. But while riding you can get to see many animals roaming freely inside jungles nearby roads like chital, langurs, Indian giant squirrels, and elephants. To see these animals free and relaxing in their natural surroundings is a lifetime experience. Bandipur is also home to over 200 species of birds. Chirping of these birds with the murmuring of winds through the tall standing forest of teak, rosewood and giant bamboo and the fresh smell of sandalwood is so refreshing that all your tiredness of journey disappears in an instant. One thing to note that movement of vehicles are not allowed after 6:00 pm so if you are planning to go Ooty via this route cross the forest before dusk.

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After passing through Bandipur sanctuary you leave the Karnataka border and enter to Tamil Nadu at Mudumalai National park. From here you can take either the steeper route through Masinagudi and Kalhatty ghats which is shorter by about 40 km.This route comprises of 36 hairpin bends and is thrilling to drive on. There is an alternate route the Highway route via Salem, Avinashi NH47 and Mettupalayam SH66. If you are adventure loving take the first one but be careful while driving on those sharp bends. Driving on those crazy curves, as you reach closer to Ooty, nature unfolds all its hidden beauty before you. Lofty mountains, dense Pine forest, sprawling grasslands and miles and miles of tea gardens greet you on the way and welcomes you to Ooty, the queen of hills.
After 8 hours of unforgettable ride from Bengaluru, we reached our hotel in Ooty at around 2 pm, which we had booked online from MakeMyTrip. But to our shock, there was no room booked in our name. At first, we thought we have come to some wrong hotel. We searched nearby areas for any other hotel with a similar name but we found none, it was the same hotel we booked but the hotel was not ready to accept the booking.Our mobiles were showing the low battery. Somehow we managed to charge our mobile little bit by requesting the caretaker of the hotel and called to MMT customer care. After an exhaustive session of call and callback, they finally told us that our booking was cancelled by the hotel and they tried to message us but it could not be delivered and they have blacklisted the hotel for future. They apologised and assured us to arrange a hotel very soon. 2 hours had already passed in all this dramatic scene and we were still without a room, puzzled and tired. Then came another shock when they called and expressed their inability to arrange a room as no room was available for online booking due to Christmas and New Year holidays.Now it came to us to find a room and they agreed to bear the cost. Now in all these unpleasant incident, something good came out for us 🙂 We could choose the most luxurious hotel, without worrying about its cost. After a hard search in the town, we finally booked a luxurious hotel in a beautiful location (costing three times of the original one we had booked and it all paid by MMT ).It is said that “All’s well that ends well”.

St. Stephen’s Church

Finally, we settled in our room and got fresh.After relaxing for some time we went for a walk. There are many old churches in Ooty and it was Christmas so all were beautifully decorated. We visited St. Stephen’s Church a fascinating Gothic structure which still retains its Victorian feel, people were celebrating with bonfires and offering prayers.We also participated in their joyous moment. While returning to our hotel we bought some delicious homemade Ooty chocolates. You can find chocolates of numerous flavours like orange, banana, pan-pasand and much more (though for me pan-pasand with chocolate was not at all a delicious combination 🙂 ). This is some Ooty special thing which you would love to take back home for your dear ones.

Next morning we woke up early and went for a cup of tea from a small roadside shop. Having a cup of tea amid cool and refreshing morning breeze and watching the sun rising from the hill in front of you is a mesmerising experience.You just want to inhale it all with your breath and make it a part of your beautiful memories.

Horse Ride

Ooty has a lot to offer for your soul to fill it with nature’s tranquillity and its charm.From the thrill of a horse race to a slow yet scenic ride on the Nilgiri Mountain Railway, you’ll find it all here. After having breakfast we started for sightseeing in Ooty. On the way, there was turn leading to the beautiful road covered with Eucalyptus trees. It was very tempting so we thought to just drive on that road. In the end of that road, there was a beautiful palace with wide open lawn. Some horses were standing on the lawn. Some foreigners were doing horse riding and others just relaxing. Very few Indians were also there. We asked a horseman for a ride. While talking to him we came to know that it was actually a palace turned hotel and they thought us also as a guest staying in the hotel 🙂 we entered so casually that guard also didn’t think about us as visitors otherwise he would not let us enter the premises. So we pretended to be like hotel guests and enjoyed the horse riding on the beautiful mountain road. It was huge fun and exciting.This was a bonus in the trip 🙂

After fun filled horse ride we reached Botanical garden which is one of the oldest botanical gardens in the country and lies on the lower slopes of Doddabetta peak.The Gardens have around a thousand species, both exotic and indigenous, of plants, shrubs, ferns, trees, herbal and bonsai plants. In the center of the Gardens lie a fossilized tree trunk estimated to be 20 million years old.Do not forget to buy natural Nilgiri essential oil sold by forest department inside the garden on a very reasonable price.

Rose Garden

At a distance of 2 km from the botanical garden, there is a beautiful rose garden situated on the slopes of the Elk Hill.Garden has more than 20,000 varieties of roses.It is one of the largest collection of roses in India.

Ooty Lake

Nearby Ooty lake is another prominent tourist spot. The lake is surrounded by groves of Eucalyptus trees with a railway line running along one shore.You can enjoy boating with an amazing view of water birds along with the beautiful Nilgiri mountain ranges in the backdrop.
In the evening we visited Dodabetta tea factory and museum.You can learn here about the origin of different kinds of tea leaves that are used across the globe along with the history of tea in India and its evolution in the Nilgiris. Inside the factory, you can see and appreciate the method of tea processing by CTC (Cut, Twist and Curl) machines. You will also get to taste a hot cup of fresh Nilgiri tea. You can also buy fresh Nilgiri tea of various flavours from here at a reasonable price. It was the quite fulfilling day to see so many beautiful places in close proximity to nature.
Next day while returning from Ooty we came to visit many beautiful spots on the way- Pykara lake and waterfalls, Shooting point, Needle rock view point.All those places are nature’s marvel and simply beautiful.

Due to time constraint we could not go to visit other beautiful sights of Ooty like Avalanche lake, a natural reservoir surrounded by hills and a thin forest line, which is a popular destination for trekking, camping and kayaking ; Upper Bhavani Lake;Emerald lake;Kalhatty waterfalls; travelling via Nilgiri Mountain Railway toy train, thread Garden and wax world museum . In our next trip, we are definitely going to visit all those places. This was really a memorable trip and we would love to come back again Ooty.

Few Travel Tips to Ooty:

  • If you are not expert driver do not take the steeper route through Masinagudi and Kalhatty ghats which comprises of 36 hairpin bends
  • If you have booked your hotel online, once confirm your booking with your hotel before starting.
  • Do not forget to buy homemade delicious Ooty Chocolates and Nilgiri essential oil.
  • As there are so many places to visit in Ooty, take help of some Route planner app which can give you the shortest route to cover all places easily. We used VisitIn App for this and it was really helpful.

A cup of tea


That was a fine afternoon but everything was not fine between Shikha and Rajesh. Unlike other days Shikha had not prepared the evening tea till now, she was upset with Rajesh since morning. He tried many times to make her understand but it was of no use. However hard he was trying to please her, it was making her even sadder, so he thought to give her own time to think and came to the hall and got busy in his work. But he was not able to concentrate for long. Many times he thought to go and talk to her but thinking that it would be better to talk when her mood will be little ok, he got engaged in his work again.

Next to hall,Shikha was lying restless in her room, thousands of thoughts were swirling in her mind like a storm. She wanted to talk to him but her ego was stopping her. She was just imagining that Rajesh will come and kiss her forehead and will say” I love you so much please stop crying, I can’t see you like this. You are the only person whom I have ever loved so intensely”. Her stream of thoughts got broke as she heard Rajesh coming inside the room. She pretended herself to be sleeping. Finding her asleep, he went to the washroom attached to the room and then came out of the room without even coming near to her bed as he didn’t want to disturb her from her sleep. After he left, she opened her swelled eyes. she could see him going to the kitchen, through the door which he had left slightly open while going out of the room. She felt somewhat dejected at his cold behavior.

The next moment she heard some sound of utensils coming from kitchen. A sudden thought struck to her “Is he preparing tea for me?” she felt little relaxed by thinking that she might be wrong in judging his cold behavior. May be he intently didn’t wake her up at that time when he had come inside the room. May be he was preparing tea for her to give her a little surprise. Then she again heard some sound of polythene bags as if he is searching for something in containers. Now she was fully convinced as she had bought the new packet of tea leafs yesterday and didn’t open it, so he will be searching for that in the container but not finding it. Then suddenly she heard something falling down on the floor. “Oh no! He would have made all the tea leafs fell down on floor” she thought. She felt an urge to  go and check but the next moment “no, i will not go. He wanted to make me awake with a cup of tea made by him with so much love, I will not spoil his plan.” a thought came to her.  She decided to pretend herself asleep until he comes and wakes her up. She was waiting eagerly for him to open the door again but this time with a tray of tea in his hand and smile on his face. After 5 minutes he heard him coming out of the kitchen. She still kept her eyes closed just to feel the touch of his lips on hers, but what was that sound! It was not the sound of her room’s door, it was coming from hall as someone was sliding a chair to sit. Next 5 minute passed her door still not opened. She got up and went directly to the kitchen. To her amaze there was no sign of any one preparing tea then she came to the hall and found Rajesh sitting at his desk watching some documentary in his laptop and eating biscuits. She felt irritated and at the same time laughing at herself on her stupid imagination triggered by some simple sounds which would have been produced by taking water in a glass to drink, searching for something to eat as he would be feeling hungry and the falling of biscuit packet on the floor 🙂

Angel in disguise


This is all about an angel, a pure soul whose heart is like a magic box full of wonderful gifts for everyone. If your mood is off, she is there with her pile of fresh jokes which will make u laugh uncontrollably. If you are getting bored don’t worry she is ready with her viral dance performances to give you the feel of awesome DJ night 🙂 . If you want to talk to someone but don’t have anything to tell, no problem just call her and she is there with her never ending stories to share with you. If you are stuck somewhere in life she is there to help you, finding new and crazy ways to tackle it. If you are in pain, you have her shoulders to cry on. If you are happy, she is there to celebrate with you to make it a memorable one. You never know what is going to come out from her magic box, but you will always be amazed to receive her love and affection in one or the other form.

Everyone, some or the other time wishes they had such an angel in their life who can ease out the complexity of their life and make it more thrilling and exciting. I am the lucky one who got a chance to grow up with one in the form of my little sister, my little princess. In all those years I have experienced, uncountable number of times, the power of her magical gifts. Her innocent smile, infectious laugh, ever charming personality brings a lively atmosphere where ever she goes. Behind this jovial and childlike being there is a highly thoughtful person whose understanding about various situations sometimes amaze me. You can discuss the funniest and creepiest matters at the same time the most serious issues of life with same ease. Her heart is so soft that slightest pain of others can melt it like wax.

It is not easy to play a role of an angel. You have to make others laugh even if sometimes you are crying inside, you have to talk for hours even if you want to be alone and silent, you have to make others feel that they are not alone; you are always there to accompany them even if you are in desperate need of someone’s company. I know many times you also go through same situations where you continue to spread joy in others life, hiding your inner conflicts behind your ever smiling face, like an earthen lamp spreading light all around, hiding its darkness under the lamp. Only the golden hearts can do that and you have that gem inside you. Your presence itself in someone’s life is a gift to them.

Sometimes you might be feeling that you also had that angel in your life who understand you from inside, with whom you can share all your feelings without hiding anything inside, on whom you can rely completely without thinking a second, who can guide you to come out of all your problems. For that I am always there with you in every situation, you can consider me as your angel and can pass on all your problems to me. Together we can laugh, together we can cry, together we can celebrate 🙂

Love you my little princess…

Your’s Di

Cruel mock of Fate


The unfortunate accident that took away the life of 25 year old young batsman, has left the whole world in a state of shock and grief. I am not one of the cricket fan and even I did not know who the Phillip Hughes was until I read the tragic news but still it creates lot of pain to see a young life going in such a cruel way which we could have never imagined. It changed my notion about the cricket, which was always thought to be a safe gentleman’s game could be turned out so perilous.
A fatal miss! which claimed two young lives yes two lives , on one side 25 year’s old Australian batsman Phillip Hughes who got struck on his neck by a misjudged ball, collapsed on the field and never rose again. and on the other side 22 years old bowler Sean Abbott from New south Wales who delivered the ball, shocked and devastated. One can imagine his state of mind, its very very painful even more than death to find yourself guilty for the death of your fellow being, the feeling can kill you from inside. I don’t know whether he would ever be able to throw a ball as it can revive the whole incident again in his mind. The tragic memories of freaking accident can withhold him for long may be for lifelong without any fault from his side. In his weirdest dream he would never have imagined that one ball could turn his world upside down.
Accident happens and they left the pain behind but this was something weird unlike other incidents where one or other factor is responsible like irresponsible behavior of any person or authority, mismanagement of system, lack of awareness, involving in a work that is dangerous by itself, over exploitation of nature etc. But this was just the cruel mock of fate where deadly forces took away the life of one by the hands of other both being shattered and shocked no one to be blamed for the incident. I am constantly puzzled why the deadly fate is so strong, why we humans are so week so vulnerable. How the life suddenly take u turn and we are left with no choice except to watch it silently, accept it silently. I don’t know whether the hit was predestined as Einstein’s universe where every future event is fixed by certain natural laws hidden from us or it was just a random path that the ball took as of quantum mechanics where everything is a matter of chance. There is no way to predict that but one thing is sure that whatever way it happened we were at the loss.
Oh Devil fate! you don’t need to laugh at us. We humans  don’t have the power to change what u caused but we still have the power to come out of it sooner or later. No matter how deadly situations you put before us but we will surely overcome that.We will again find our happiness, our reasons to laugh and celebrate. This is our victory over you.
May God give strength to their beloved to bear the loss and to come out of their pain early. RIP Phillip Hughes and be strong Sean Abbott.

You are my sunshine


I am not a writer or poet, it’s difficult for me to express my feelings in words because what I feel for you is far beyond these words.

I met you by chance on Nepal trip but it feels as if the whole trip was predestined for us. From the very first day I never felt you as stranger. There was something between us that such a strong bond of friendship developed in those few days we spend there.

After that although for 4 years we were on different paths of our life but we always shared our joys, our pains, our achievements and our losses with each other in a very innocent way. We both were completely unaware that one day our paths are going to meet on such a point from where only one road will be there for us to walk together with our hands in hands. Walking on this road with your hands in mine is so wonderful and exciting that I can walk miles and miles and wishing it never to come at end.

You touched my soul like a first shower of monsoon; something that was dying inside me again blossomed and filled me with its fresh fragrance. You created a music in my heart like a morning breeze whispering through the trees. You painted my canvas with colors of rainbow spreading on sky. You removed the darkness from my thoughts like a sunshine on a wintry day. I was like a river you gave me the depth of ocean. You guided me in finding myself again which was lost somewhere. You made me feel complete.

It feels as if we have always been together, inseparable part of each other and will always be like that. You are my life, you are my sunshine.


Hey! Don’t wash your hair today its Thursday, don’t cut your nails on Thursday, don’t write on the ground with chalk, don’t put the mirror in that direction, don’t put empty bucket in the way when a person is leaving and the most recent I heard.. don’t ask to take money plant from its owner, just come and take because if we ask for it their money will get transfer from them to us. I wonder who created these fancy thoughts and how can anyone believe on these stuffs.

we all have grown up  listening these kind of statements from the people around us no matter whether we belong to rural India or urban India but most surprising for me is to hear this kind of talk from the fellow who come from research background, engaged in research activity in premium research institutes where no theory is acceptable until it provides the satisfactory explanations to the obtained results.
 Human mind in general is inquisitive in nature and for the researcher it is the most sought out quality of mind. It questions whatever it observes and then reaches to logical conclusions based on observations. But I don’t understand why their mind stops questioning about such fancy statements. One reason might be that since childhood they have been taught by their parents not to question on that matters just follow as they are following since ages because they also don’t have the reasons to justify that, they follow it due to only one reason and that is fear of something happening bad if not following it. This fear has been inculcated in their minds so deeply that they don’t have the power to challenge it.

Nobody knows when and from where these things which makes us slave and coward have been incorporated in our social system. I think it is  the creation of those people who didn’t want to take the personal responsibility of their actions and wants to blame every other thing for whatever is happening in their life. They will make responsible everything in universe except their thoughts and actions for any good or bad happening in their lives.
 Pause  for few minutes and think about it
  • Suppose a person constantly interfere with your daily activity without a reason and frighten you to do harmful things to you if you don’t lead your life according to him. What shall we call such a person? A tyrant right? So are we trying to say that God is tyrant who will get angry with us if we will wash our hairs, cut our nails on particular day..Is it possible for any sensible person to get angry on such trivial issue so how can God be whom we consider a perfectionist.
  • For any organization to run in a sustainable way, it follows some rules and regulations based on fundamental principle which are scientific and logical. Any rule which doesn’t have the explanation of its existence can not be followed by its members. But in our society which is the biggest organization we are willing to follow blindly any abrupt rule imposed on us without asking any explanation.
Some people will argue that if nothing bad is going  to happen by not following them then nothing bad will also happen in following them so why take chance just follow them if possible. But they are forgetting that following these ideas means constantly living your life in doubtful and fearful environment. It is suppressing the basic human spirit to live and act freely. When we deal other important areas of life with this mindset then we lack the complete, crisp and clear vision to analyse the situation because we have not trained our mind to see the things clearly and correctly. We are used to accept the things as they are presented before us. No question no argument. Superstitions are habits rather than belief. This habitual training of mind is destructive for the development of any society as it hampers the process of innovation which is necessary to rejuvenate any existing system. It is the enemy of education and assassin of freedom.

So for my young fellows, don’t just accept,don’t let down the questions raising in your mind,find out its answers and if u feel answers are acceptable to you then only accept and if not reject the idea. As a human you are always free to reject  that is irrelevant and non empowering.

Travel experiences of my life which make me believe that "life is beautiful"